PORTGAS D. ACE - ONE PIECE : Figure. He still has a cool design and personality so 8/10. 1396x1172 Portgas D. Ace Wallpaper Background Image. Tashigi | This protective streak continued into the current storyline. Portgas D. Ace (ポートガス・D・エース, Pōtogasu Dī Ēsu), also called "Fire Fist" Ace (火拳のエース, Hiken no Ēsu), is the second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy's older brother. Tags. Newest Highest Rated Most Viewed Most … Dragon.[22]. Smoker soon ignored Ace and went after Luffy, something that caused Ace to intervene on his brother's behalf. His overall reputation and abilities had earned him a bounty of 550,000,000 prior to his capture and death. Inuarashi | Powers/Skills Dadan also shows weariness at dealing with Ace, and gives the impression that she would refuse if not for Garp holding her gang's crimes over her head. Mar 6, 2019 #10 Went from a 8.5/10 within his first few appearances, … Because of this, some people believed that Ace had a death wish, but in truth, he wanted to prevent the people he cared for from getting hurt. Ace was a intelligent, polite and caring man. Silvers Rayleigh | Believing that this was the case when Blackbeard broke the iron rule of the Whitebeard Pirates and fled after murdering a crewmate, Ace pursued his traitorous subordinate despite his crewmates' efforts and even Whitebeard's orders to stop him. ... the beloved older sister of Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace. Straw Hat Pirates Ace's personality also doesnt similar to Gol D Roger's. Ace later grew very protective of him, particularly from Garp, even insulting their grandfather in an attempt to stop his abusive behavior towards Luffy. )[6] Ace's protectiveness of his brother was seen again when both the Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy had invaded Marineford in order to save him and he told Luffy to turn back. Ace was much more intelligent, polite, and generally, more bearable than Luffy, which prompted the Straw Hat Pirates to question whether he was truly related to their captain. Though he did come to see Garp as family, he did not approve of his violent behavior towards Luffy. Affiliations: The second was that he did a "dine and dash" routine wherever he went. He tended to randomly fall asleep while eating and conversing, leaving strangers around him wondering if he had died. Ace was also shown to be quite impulsive, much like his younger brother, as he too would make hasty decisions and, in some cases, neglect listening to reason. However, as Shanks stated, Ace was strong and young, but the fact that he was appointed as Whitebeard's Second Division commander worried Shanks due to "that trust and reputation" getting in the way. combatants Tony Tony Chopper | He attacked Akainu in fury over the insult, but discovered that his fire was inferior to that of Akainu's magma. Like his younger brother, he is a big eater and a heavy sleeper, but unlike his brother, he is intelligent, polite, and gracious, much to the surprise of the Straw Hats when they first met him. Even though he managed to escape death on the scaffold thanks to the pirates' and Luffy's efforts at Marineford and was well on his way to freedom, Admiral Akainu got to him by insulting Whitebeard. Blackbeard (arch-enemy)Akainu (his killer)MagellanSengokuKuzan When Garp returns to East Blue after the Whitebeard War, Dadan hits him furiously because he did not save Ace. The Whitebeard Pirates reached Marineford, along with many allied powerful pirate crews, and were at war with the Marines and World Government. Envío gratis. 1 Background 2 Powers & Abilities 3 Equipment 4 Feats 4.1 Strength 4.2 Speed 4.3 Durability 4.4 Skill 5 Weaknesses 6 CPW's Conclusions 6.1 Victories 6.2 Losses 7 Fun Facts Late son of the King of Pirates, Gol D. Rodger and his wife, Portgas D. Rouge, Ace was kept inside of … This changed when he developed respect for Luffy and when Ace truly did die. Type of Hero Kozuki Momonosuke | Yamato had met Ace at some point in the past and had tried to sail out of Wano with him, but was kept prisoner on Onigashima due to the explosive handcuffs. Gol D. Roger (father; deceased)Portgas D. Rouge (mother; deceased)Sabo (adoptive younger brother)Monkey D. Luffy (adoptive younger brother)Monkey D. Garp (adoptive grandfather) While saying his last words, Ace sadly admitted to Luffy that he (Ace) wasted away all of his efforts to rescue him. Ace was much more intelligent, polite, and generally more bearable than Luffy, which prompted the Straw Hat Pirates to question whether he was truly related to their captain. Ace believed that it was natural if he were to really die as nobody in the world wanted the son of the devil (Roger) to live. Tim Burton Batmobile | Dark Knight Batmobile | Adam West Batmobile | Arkham Knight Batmobile | Optimus Prime | Flying Ford Anglia | Thomas the Tank Engine | Lightning McQueen | KITT | Aston Martin | Warthog | Blue Falcon | Speed Star | Mario's Standard Kart | DeLorean | Toyota AE86, Others Ace took his mothers surname as a thanks for trading her own life while giving birth to him. Ace had a tendency to never back down from a fight, saying that he would never run once facing an enemy. One Piece #100 - Portgas D. Ace - Funko Pop! 12x $ 135. Emporio Ivankov, Marines When Ace tried to attack him multiple times, Whitebeard did not harm him and eventually accepted him into the Whitebeard Pirates as one of his sons. Nico Robin | She attacked his crew several times since then, but Ace easily dealt with her with no grudges. Also later on the same day he was shown to easily break a giant tree with ease. Whitebeard was interested in maintaining and protecting his family. Gloriosa | When he knew that they stood no chance against Whitebeard, he formed a firewall to allow them to escape, leaving himself behind to hold Whitebeard back alone. However, Luffy did not grow up with knowledge of the identity (or even the existence) of his father. Ace. Unwilling to let him get away of speaking ill of Whitebeard, Ace attacked him out of fury only to have his arm burned by Akainu's Devil Fruit powers. Eustass Kid | Ace and his brother, Luffy, were very close as children and remained so as pirates, even after more than three years of separation. Whitebeard immediately mobilized his crew and his subordinate crews after hearing about Ace's imminent execution. Japanese Name: "Fire Fist" Ace (火拳のエース, Hiken no Ēsu? Before Ace was born, Roger requested Garp to watch over him on his behalf. Ace convinces Buggy to join his crew's party. Portgas D. Ace (ポートガス・D・エース, Pōtogasu Dī Ēsu), also called "Fire Fist" Ace (火拳のエース, Hiken no Ēsu), is the second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy's older brother. Ace chasing Teach to kill him to avenge Thatch until ended into a failure and got imprisoned to Impel Down Level 6 with Jinbe (who refused to aid the World Government against Whitebeard) and announced his public execution in Marineford. Funko Pop 98 Monkey D Luffy One Piece $ 700. en. Yeah Ace … Monkey D. Luffy | WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. Family His bounty, being at 550,000,000 before his death, was the highest amount revealed in the series before the timeskip. Japanese VA: In one of Garp's conversations with Curly Dadan, this was revealed to be a trait of Roger as well. Height: Before that, Ace was rather cold and rude to anyone he was not familiar with. For the other member of the family, see Portgas D. Ace. Ace held great respect for his captain. Chapter 154; Episode 91[1] Ace does not appear to be readily distracted, and is not usually oblivious. Kaya | Manga Ace had a tendency to never back down from a fight, saying that he would never run once facing an enemy. After hearing about Sabo's presumed death at the hands of a World Noble, Ace quickly became bent on killing the Noble and Dadan had to pin Ace down and tie him to a tree to stop him. Ace then survived a battle with Whitebeard that took place immediately after, showing immense stamina and durability. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. S[10] Anime Little Oars Jr. Red Haired Pirates Join Facebook to connect with Ace Kirkland and others you may know. Unwilling to let him get away of speaking ill of Whitebeard, Ace attacked him out of fury only to have his arm burned by Akainu's Devil Fruit powers. Portgas D. Ace,[12] born as Gol D. Ace[6] and nicknamed \"Fire Fist\" Ace,[4] was the adopted older brother of Luffy[7] and Sabo, and son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger and his lover, Portgas D. As the son of Roger, he lived in his shadow and is to date the first D. depicted to truly question his own right to exist, while displaying the fewest commonly seen D. related traits. Ace also supported Mihar's passion for helping children. To protect Luffy and Whitebeard Vinyl Material: Vinyl Packaging: Original (Unopened) Size: 3 3/4" Tall. Submit; Cool Stuff; Login; Register; Art Abyss Portgas D. Ace. Hatchan | Portgas D. Ace. At the same time Ace also promotes his tattoo to Luffy, something which is truly considered odd by 4Kids standards. Ace was the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and one-time captain of the Spade … Shanks showed some concern for Ace upon learning that he was in pursuit of Blackbeard. One Piece Banpresto World Figure Colosseum Monkey Luffy Lfdj $ 900. en. Ace's only regret was that he would not live to see Luffy achieve his dream, which he believed Luffy undoubtedly would accomplish as he was his little brother. While Ace emerged victorious over enemies he refused to run from, such as Porchemy and Bluejam, his stubbornness hurt him on a number of occasions, particularly when he refused to back down against Blackbeard or Admiral Akainu. They shared a strong bond that inspired Tama to became a Kunoichi. Shanks was initially hostile until he learned Ace's reasons, and the two even celebrated their meeting. This was in direct contrast to Luffy, who accepted his father's identity immediately upon learning it and did not seem to care when he was told how dangerous of a man he was. The two really care for each other as Dadan saved Ace from being burned and Ace was willing to steal medicine from town in order to treat Dadan's wounds. He was also a capable navigator, as he was seen wearing a Log Pose on his left wrist, while traveling island to island in search for Luffy and Blackbeard on a simple raft. Dracule Mihawk‡, Devil Fruit Users When Ace was fighting Isuka, his crew members rushed in to help, even though they were unable to hit her. 196 Portgas D. Ace HD Wallpapers und Hintergrundbilder. Benn Beckman of the Red Hair Pirates described Ace’s personality to be more naive than his appearance would suggest. Jinbe, Revolutionary Army Ace was already very strong when he left his hometown, three years before Luffy did the same. Nakama Rules. Vice Admiral Garp adopted Ace as a favor to Roger to give Ace a life free of the prejudice of being born from a family of pirates. My name is Chloe, I’m 22 and English isn’t my first language, I’m French. Jinbei‡ | Ace quickly turned back to face him, ignoring his crewmates' warnings to not become angered over Akainu's provocations. Ace had a tattoo on his upper left bicep that spells "ASCE" vertically. It is revealed that Ace had a bounty of 550,000,000 in the One Piece Ten exhibition. After setting out to begin his life of piracy, Ace immediately sought out Shanks to meet the man in person and thank him on Luffy's behalf. We all love luffy, and we also know that he doesn't really have one favourite among his crew. Ace also fought evenly with Smoker for a few moments, who even Luffy has yet to beat. Buggy the Clown‡ | In the end, Ace was defeated and turned in to the Marines, thus granting Blackbeard the status of Warlord.